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  1. What is Offset Countertrade & Structured Finance
  2. True Collaterals in Structured Finance
  3. Potential Applications of Structured Commodity Financing Techniques for Banks in Developing Countries
  4. Documentary Risks in Commodity Finance
  5. Collateralized Commodity Financing – With Special Reference to the Use of Warehouse Receipts
  6. A Survey of Commodity Price Risk Management Instruments
  7. Counterparty and Sovereign Risk, and Mitigation Tools
  8. Why Offsets?
  9. Interview on Offset in India by Indian Infoline
  10. Offset and PPP – How one complement the other
  11. Helping private enterprises create jobs
  12. Interview on Offset in the Asia Pacific region by Jane’s Defence
  13. Offset: A For-Profit Social Philanthropy?
  14. Information Memorandum on workshop on the critical success factors in the development of an Offset pogramme