Asia Pacific Countertrade Association Pte Ltd (APCA)

The Asia Pacific Countertrade Association Pte Ltd is the privatised entity and successor of APCA, the Asia Pacific Countertrade Association formed in 1994 to represent and serve the countertrade, offset and structured finance community in the Asia Pacific Region. It was decided unanimously to (a) dissolve the association following its 10th annual general meeting in 2003, (b) allow the privatisation of some of its activities and (c) keep alive the APCA brandname. The dissolution was formally completed in December 2004.

Among the many forms of countertrade, the offset form has increased in usage in connection with government related procurements for both developed and developing countries. The inviolable duty of a government to secure value for money for procurements made from taxpayers’ monies or public funds compels one to consider requiring offset; if, where and when the circumstances are appropriate.  Many governments however choosing to do so under different names other than offset, such as industrial participation, industrial cooperation, industrial benefits or partnership for development (just to name a few).

Many governments in the developing nations and their private corporations however lag behind their western counterparts in offset best practices. APCA’s primary focus is now to serve this need within and beyond the Asia Pacific Region.

David Hew, Director, Asia Pacific Countertrade Association Pte Ltd (APCA)