Partnerships & Alliances

We seek other entities to be partners and/or allies. We collaborate with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to convene the APCA Conference Series ( see ).  In addition, we cooperate with EPICOS (Electronic Procurement, Industrial Cooperation, Offset System): the only business to business global site related to Procurement, Industrial Cooperation and Offsets. EPICOS provides internet enabled products and services through a secure environment to its target audience (see

We also seek individuals with experience and qualifications who are generalists as well as specialists to join us. A generalist, in order to assist others in the team. A specialist, who is at the forefront of knowledge and development in his/her chosen field of specialisation, so that others in the team can lean on.

We bring all these attributes to bear to stay committed and loyal to the project and/or deal.  We believe in teamwork and forming partnerships and alliances on a project and/or deal basis in order to deliver value.

Give us a call if you share our beliefs, vision and passion.

We have finally the pleasure of providing you a useful link to the European Club for Countertrade & Offset (see  ECCO is a worldwide platform where both business and the broader legal, economic and financial issues related to offsets and industrial participation in general are discussed.