Our Services

APCA is an independent service provider, consultant, facilitator and trainer in countertrade, offset and public-private partnership projects. We provide facilitation, advisory and training services. We will endeavour, where feasible, to continue to host the APCA conference series, which had been running annuallly since 1994 until APCA was restructured as a privatised entity in 2004.  Our representatives have undertaken work for governments, Asian and non Asian entities intending to or already doing business in the Asia Pacific Region and developing countries outside the Region.

Find out more about our respective services below:

APCA Conference Series
APCA ’94 the first annual conference, in the APCA conference series kicked off in 1994. It was organised in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) with effect from APCA 2003, its 10th annual conference in 2003. It was, until 2003, the only forum of its kind in Asia where learning on countertrade, offset and structured finance was gained or advanced, connections re-affirmed or made, solutions found and opportunities created.

We undertake countertrade work within and outside the Asia Pacific region.  In Asia, the main countertrade forms of barter, counter purchase and buybacks remains widely practiced.  In addition, several ASEAN (Association of South East Asia Nations) countries practice a clearing arrangement known in Asia as “bilateral payment arrangements”.   We have worked in Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippine and the United Arab Emirates.  The nature of our assignments include advisory, structuring, documentation, training or facilitation work.

Offset or Industrial Participation, Cooperation or Benefit
We undertake offset work within and outside the Asia Pacific Region.  We advised the project sponsors of one of Asia Pacific’s earliest offset project imposed on a Build-Operate-Own power plant project costing US$5 billion. Our representative has and continues to support sellers to discharge their offset obligations in South Africa, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.  Many developing countries or Asian governments are considering the development of or migrating from a counter purchase policy to an offset policy or simply to improve an offset policy. Our advice has been sought in the study and training required in the transition as well as assistance in the formulation, and documentation processes. We assist, develop, prepare, document and execute offset transactions on behalf of obligors owing obligations in Asian countries.  We see the benefits that Offset can bring especially to developing countries.  We champion the causes of developing countries carefully balancing and aligning all parties’ interests to ensure that everyone wins.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Our representative acted in the first PPP project in Singapore and what would have been one of the largest PPP project in Malaysia.  We seek to ensure a long term partnering relationship between the public and private sector with the sharing of investment, risk, responsibility and reward between partners. We assist the public sector employer focus on acquiring services at the most cost-effective, best value for money and innovative basis, rather than owning and operating the assets.

Structured Trade Finance
Our representative was appointed by UNCTAD (the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) to participate in an experts meeting held in Geneva in 1999 on structured finance issues. The UN ESCAP consulted our representative in 2000 when they needed an Asia Pacific view on structured trade finance techniques for purposes of the Financing for Development initiative of the UN General Assembly. In addition to facilitation work and providing training in structured finance, we develop, prepare, document and execute structured trade finance transactions.