The APCA Advantage

APCA throughout its existence as an association has developed good and strong relationships and connections among the world’s offset, countertrade and structured finance fraternity. APCA has served as the repository of knowledge and information on countertrade, offset and structured finance in the Asia Pacific Region.

It is the entity that private and public enterprises, financial institutions, non-government organisation, academia and government officials throughout the region recognise and turn to as the one-stop shop for assistance and advice in countertrade, offset and structured finance.

We bring a cross disciplinary blend of knowledge and expertise in countertrade, offset and structured finance within one entity. Our focus is the Asia Pacific Region which we define as countries west of the Pacific Ocean stretching from China in the North and East to Pakistan in the West and Indonesia in the South. We live, work and constantly keep abreast with developments in our Region.

Over time, a small number of developing countries outside the Asia Pacific Region became interested in APCA’s activities. The difficulties they face in Offset and their needs are similar to those experienced by the developing countries in the Asia Pacific Region. They found in APCA a common voice concerned with their needs in Offset – an entity that provided them an annual platform, since 1994, by way of the APCA Conference Series with the theme “Providing Solutions. Creating Opportunities”. The causes and needs of the developing countries in Offset generally became APCA’s other focus.

Our connections, knowledge, information, experience, expertise and reputation in the Asia Pacific region and our experiences working with developing countries in Offset are APCA’s competitive advantages. We team up with others (as the circumstances require) on a project-to-project basis in order to deliver the best value to the client.