A consortium of professionals with different expertise is often needed in countertrade, offset and structured finance work. Towards this end, APCA has and will continue to bring together professionals under this “Team APCA” initiative from which a virtual team can be formed with a specific project in mind.

A TEAM APCA EXAMPLE:  David Hew was asked by the Ministry of Defence of a country to scope the work involved in the design and development of their proposed  Offset programme.  Following a search spanning 4 continents, a 4-man project team was formed.  Team members are selected based on their proven expertise and track record to achieve synergy  and balance in team output.  The team comprise (a) himself, a lawyer with over 30 years of post qualification experience, as team leader; (b) a person, with over 15 years experience in defence procurement who had worked as regulator on one of the most successful Offset program in existence today, providing buyer’s side expertise; (c) a person, who had previously worked for a large defence contractor for 27 years on the Offset program of over 15 countries, providing seller’s side expertise; and (d) an international economist, whose groundbreaking PhD thesis was on the theory and policy designs of Offset transactions, providing expertise on defence economics, international contracting, economic development and industrial policies, .

We will be happy, subject to obligations of confidentiality, to provide you with information on our other Team APCA resources.  We set out in this page some of Team APCA’s Asia based resources.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Team APCA is an alliance of independent professionals who can be pooled together on a project basis to bring value to,and in the best interest of, a project. All communications will be kept confidential prior to any appointment being made. The client will be consulted first to obtain its prior consent and to enable potential conflict of interests to be checked before a project team is finally constituted.

David Hew