APCA 2002

Tribute to our Late President and co-founder, Dr. Christoph Kamm, deceased

Our late President and co-founder Dr. Christoph Kamm passed away peacefully in his home in Zurich on 9th November 2002, a few weeks shy of the age of 65 and one year short of APCA’s 10th anniversary which will mark a new beginning in APCA’s history with its collaborations with UNCTAD for the benefit of Asia.

It is no exaggeration to say that if Christoph had not accepted the role of President, APCA the first international non-governmental organization of its kind in Asia and the world, may not have been formed in Singapore. It is difficult therefore to express our gratitude to him for his willingness to stand with us in Asia; his confidence to challenge the unconventional; his unswerving commitment to a vision; the passion to be first; and the courage to do as we dream.

Perhaps the best way to remember such an extraordinary man, a true friend and a great leader is that he had fought a good fight, finished the race and kept the faith (2 Tim 4:7). We remember him especially in his most endearing pose in his last photograph above taken on 24th September 2002 in Singapore on the occasion of APCA 2002, the last of his 9th continuous and uninterrupted appearance since 1994. May he be an inspiration to us.

David Hew,
Secretary General, APCA